शेयर करें

Today there is hardly any area in which women have not illuminated the country’s name. On the strength of his hard work, many women of India became inspiration for the other young girls and due to them there has been a lot of change in the thinking of the people. These women, through their talent and hard work, not only illuminated the name of the country but also showed women the path to move forward.

1. Bhakti Sharma
showing women the way out of the wall of the house, Bhakti Sharma is an example for every girl. She is the youngest woman to record the swim in the Antarctic Ocean She is the first Indian woman to do this

2. Arunima Sinha
then nobody can stop you from getting your floor. This is the truth that Arunima Sinha has done. She is disadvantaged with one leg, but still she has set an example in front of women by climb Everest. Arunima Sinha is the first woman to climb Mt. Everest, who has no leg. Despite this, he did not give up and reached his Everest and fulfilled his dream and today he is also an inspiration for every woman.

3. Mary Kom
today’s time, for some women, only family and responsibilities are enough. There has emerged as inspiration for women, Mary Kom. Along with the responsibilities of his family, he has done his duty towards the nation as well. He has been a World Amateur Boxing Champion of 5 times, and his achievements reveal himself in the talent of Mary Kom.

4. Vidya Balan is
a graduate of Bollywood’s finest and beautiful performance, Balan Sociology. He has brought revolutionary changes in the traditional thinking of women towards women by playing an unconditional role in films such as ‘Dirty Pictures’, ‘Ishqiya’, ‘Kahaani’. Vidya has been awarded National Award and Padmashree for her performance.

5. Sania Mirza
Sania has participated in several international events and has won more than two dozen medals for the country. Sania, who has brightened the country’s name with her hard work, is the inspiration for every fight. At any time, he was rated number 1 tennis player on behalf of the Indian Tennis Association.

7. Geeta Fogat
says if winning intentions and enthusiasm is high, then winning is not a difficult task. This is what has been done by the daughter of the country, Geeta Phogat. Geeta, who is awarded Arjuna Award and Gold Medal for the country, is India’s first female wrestler. She has become an example for every daughter today.

9. Mithali Raj
If anyone thinks of sending his daughter to the field of cricket today, then the reason Mithali Raj is there. Captain Mitali of Bharti Women’s Cricket Team today we have become a motivation for the girl. He is called Tendulkar of Women’s Cricket. He is the first Indian female player to score more than 5000 runs in ODI cricket.